Driving Licence Model Questions- All Category

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August 24, 2021
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April 20, 2022

Driving Licence Model Questions- All Category

Are you looking for the model questions of driving licence? If so, here can get all the questions paper for the licence exam and their answers of all the categories. Download the PDF file and get success for your licence examination.

Department of Transport Management has published 500 questions and answers for all the categories (Category A and K for Motorcycle, scooter and Moped; and Category B for car, can, jeep and delivery van).

Mainly in the examination of driving licence, the questions were asked from the same sets. You can see and download it for your practice.

Do you want to apply for an online driving licence? Here you can get all the ideas and help for filling the online driving licence form for each category. Click Here to fill online driving Licence.

Download the Driving licence model questions from the link given below.

Model questions for categories A and K(Motorcycle, scooter and moped).

Model questions for category B( car, jeep, van, etc).

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