How to get Foreign Job ? A job searching portal run by government of Nepal

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June 10, 2019
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How to get Foreign Job ? A job searching portal run by government of Nepal

How to apply foreign job?

Are you looking for a foreign job? Do not worry, Government of Nepal has launched a website for searching the foreign jobs. You can enter the site from the given link.

The best website run by the government of Nepal is “Foreign Job Search”. You may search the best job which is suitable for you.

When you enter the site you may see the given screen as shown in the given picture.

You can see the Job searching portal and you can enter male if you are searching for job of male and click female if you are searching female job.

Select the country where you want to go, there are many countries in the list . Similarly you can select the job category professional or skilled or unskilled or semiskilled which his just below the country.

Enter employer and post if you know. Go to the location and enter which location you are searching the job. And you can enter salary range from …… to ……. according to your choice.

You may choose the job as listed in the above image. You can choose one of the job and click view details. Then you can get all the necessary information about the job.

The information given in that page may be lot number, Lot approved date,employer, Recruiting Agency, license number, Proprietor, license number, Date, place and time of interview.

More over,Destination Country, Salary, Male quota/female quota,remaining quota, Post skilled type,Qualification, Contract period, food facility, Daily working hour, Weekly work hour, accommodation and Total expenses.

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