Primary and Lower Secondary Level Curriculum- By Teachers Service Commission

TSC Questions Paper- Secondary Level Mathematics
February 11, 2020
TSC Secondary Level Curriculum
February 26, 2020

Primary and Lower Secondary Level Curriculum- By Teachers Service Commission

TSC New Curriculum

Government of Nepal, Teachers Service Commission has recently updated the curriculum of Basic level (Primary and lower Secondary level) for the recruitment of teachers by open competition. It is recently updated on 2076. The full marks of written examination are 200. Out of this 100 full marks of general examination and 100 from subjective examination. The overall is given below.

Written Examination Scheme

Subject AreaFull Marks Pass MarksNumber of QuestionsMarksExamination SystemTime
General Examination (For all subjects)100505050×2Objective/ Multiple choice1 hour
Subjective (For related subject only)100401010×10Subjective/Analytical 3 hours

The curriculum framework, area and full marks are given as follows.The total time for the written examination is 1 hour and types of questions is multiple choice/objective questions. For more details have a look

This curriculum is effective from 2076/11/01 on wards. If you need full curriculum of basic level(Primary and lower Secondary Level) you can download from the link given below.

Basic Level curriculum of Teachers Service Commission

Do you need old questions of Teachers Service Commission? If so here you will all the questions paper which were asked in previous examination.

Secondary level Mathematics Questions paper:

1.Define Group and prove that fourth root of unity forms a multiplicative group. 2+3

2.Define odd and even vertices of network with examples. prove that number of odd vertices of even network is always even. 2+3 Read more………..

Secondary Level Science Questions Paper

1.What is heat engine? Derive an expression of Carnot’s reversible engine with the help of P-V diagram and describe why 100% efficiency is not possible from the real engine? 2+5+3

2. What is DC generator? Explain the working principle of DC generator with well labelled diagram. 2+5+3


Lower Secondary level Mathematics Questions Paper

Q.1 Define proper and improper subsets. Prepare teaching learning activities to develop conceptual understanding of proper and improper subsets among grade seven students. [5×2]

2.Give an example of even function and odd function. Sketch the graph of the function f(x)=x(x-1) (x+2). Also mention the parts of the curve where the function is increasing and decreasing. [1×2+6+1×2]

Read More……..

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