TSC Lower Secondary Level Mathematics Questions Paper

lower Secondary Level Questions Paper- TSC Nepal
September 18, 2019
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September 28, 2019

TSC Maths Questions 2075

Government of Nepal, Teachers Service Commission has been conducting various examinations throughout nation. On the same context Lower secondary teachers’ exam was held in 2075. Here is the old question which was asked in the written examination (Open)-2075 of Lower Secondary   Level. The subject is Mathematics Full Marks is 60 and time is 2 hrs and 15 minutes. The subjective questions are given below.

Attempt all the questions

Q.1 Define proper and improper subsets. Prepare teaching learning activities to develop conceptual understanding of proper and improper subsets among grade seven students. [5×2]

2.Give an example of even function and odd function. Sketch the graph of the function f(x)=x(x-1) (x+2). Also mention the parts of the curve where the function is increasing and decreasing. [1×2+6+1×2]

3.State De-Moivre’s Theorem. Explain why its use is important with suitable examples. [5×2]

4.Discuss the foundations of Euclidean Geometry. “Euclid’s fifth postulate is gate way to open the other forms of Geometry”. Discuss this statement with relevant example. [5×2]

5.Define binomial distribution. Prove that the mean of binomial distribution is np. [2+8]

6. a. Show that the rectangle is the largest possible area is a square when a perimeter is given. [5 ] b. Discuss the geometrical interpretation of scalar product of two vectors. [5]

Do you need objective questions of lower secondary level? If so you will get the objective questions form the following link.

Objective Questions

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Model questions and curriculum of teaching licence.

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