Grade 12 Exam Routine-2077 NEB Nepal

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September 29, 2020
Class 12 Model Question-2077 All subjects
November 6, 2020

Grade 12 Exam Routine-2077 NEB Nepal

National examination board (NEB) has published the grade 12 exam routine. The exam starts on Mangsir 9, 2077, and ends on Mangsir 16, 2077. It starts at 8:00 am.

The exam was supposed to be from Baishak 8, 2077 but it was postponed due to the pandemic situation of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The detail guideline related to the grade 12 exam is given below.

Guideline for Grade 12 Examination-2077

Download Exam Guideline

Grade 12 Exam Routine-2077 by National Examination Board Nepal

Do you need further study materails for the grade 12 students? If so you will all from here.

Study materials with old questions paper.

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