TSC Lower Secondary Level Mathematics and Science Questions Paper-2075

TSC Lower Secondary Level English Questions Paper-2075
August 27, 2019
Final Result of Primary Level Teachers by Teachers Service Commission
September 6, 2019

Do you want to be a teacher? And looking for past questions which were asked in the examination by Teachers Service Commission (शिक्षक सेवा आयोग). If so here are the old questions which was asked in 2075(Open competition) of teachers service commission. You can see and enjoy the Mathematics and Science subjective questions from the given below. The full marks was 60 and time was 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Attempt all the Questions

1.Write an activity plan to teach five main characteristics of Hindu Arabic Numeration System for a basic level school teaching. Prove by the method of mathematical Induction that the nth term of an arithmetic series, tn =a+(n-1)d, where a is the first term, d is common difference of the series. [5×2]

2.a. Define and classify Inverse Trigonometric functions with suitable exam. [2+2.5]

b. List down the common notions (axioms) used in Euclidean Geometry. Prove that “if two tangents are drawn from the same point outside the circle, then they are equal in length.[5.5]

3. What do you mean by mean, median and mode? find mean and median of the following data. [3+3.5×2]

Number of Students5812974

4. a.Define Electromagnetic Induction. State the laws of it.      [1+3]

b.What is the difference between AC and DC generator based on their design, primary uses and practical consideration? Explain with basic diagram.[6]

5.a.Justify any two teaching methods that are most suitable for the teaching of chemistry at the basic level school classroom.[5]

b. Define polymer. Classify polymer based on their origin.[5]

6.a.Present five teaching activities that can help us to classify the difference between animal and plant cell.[5]

b. Classify plants based on economic value and justify the interrelationship between plant and animal.[5]

If you need objevtive Questions please go to the following links.

Objective Questions

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